Dr. Sanjay Dhar
Hon. President, BOS

Dr. Neeraj Bijlani
Hon. Secretary, BOS

Convener of all Master Shares & Master Cares Series: Dr. Naushad Hussain (Vice President, BOS)
The Master Cares Master Shares initiative was launched in 2008-2009 as a novel concept to foster in-depth discussions on focused aspects of various specialties of Orthopaedics. Over the years, it has covered a diverse range of topics and has gained popularity as a valuable addition to the academic traditions of the BOS.
During the AGMs of 2015 and 2016, the responsibility of designing and conducting the series was entrusted to the Hon. Vice-President of the association. Now in its 15th edition, this flagship activity is a proud privilege and has been structured around a central theme that spans across all specialties.
The field of Orthopaedic Practice has witnessed significant advances and diversification over the past two decades, particularly in the way common conditions are treated. Therefore, this year's initiative will focus on these big ideas, providing a detailed overview of their significance and placing them center-stage.
In keeping with the decision of the AGM of 2023, The Master Series will be named after the beloved founder Secretary and Past President, Dr. L. N. Vora, for the next three years.


Failed Arthroplasty

  • Sunday, 7th May, 2023
  • Conveners: Dr. Ashish Phadnis, Dr. Vidyanand Raut
  • Scientific Convener: Dr. Naushad Hussain

Complications in Spine Surgery – Prevention & Management

  • Sunday, 2nd July, 2023
  • Convener: Dr. Sudhir Srivastava
  • Scientific Convener: Dr. Naushad Hussain

Unravelling the Conundrum of Musculoskeletal Oncology

  • Sunday, 3rd September, 2023
  • Conveners: Dr. Ajay Puri, Dr. Ashish Gulia
  • Scientific Convener: Dr. Naushad Hussain

Day Care Pediatric Orthopaedics: Why Children are not young adults

  • Sunday, 5th November , 2023
  • Convener: Dr. Swapnil M. Keny
  • Scientific Convener: Dr. Naushad Hussain

Fractures around the Acetabulum

  • Sunday, 14th January, 2024
  • Conveners: Dr. Shakir Kapadia, Dr. Pradip Nemade
  • Scientific Convener: Dr. Naushad Hussain

Cartilage Injuries of the Knee

  • Sunday, 3rd March, 2024
  • Convener: Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala
  • Scientific Convener: Dr. Naushad Hussain

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